18 Lip-Smacking Avocado Soup Recipes

Avocado is a great fruit which is loaded with ample of good nutrients and benefits our health from numbers of aspects. One of the best qualities of avocado is that it contains a remarkable tang which not only tastes scrumptious in raw form but also, merges easily with any kind of flavor! We all know that there is no healthiest appetizer than soups and thus, today here we are referring you some fantabulous soup recipes using this grey-green fruit as the base ingredient. Before jumping to the introduction of each mouthwatering soup method, let us tell you a complete list of below-mentioned preparations which will help you to detect them more quickly, take a look-

  1. Chicken avocado soup
  2. Chilled avocado walnut soup
  3. Cauliflower kale avocado soup
  4. Cold peas mint avocado soup
  5. Chilled avocado soup saveur
  6. Mexican avocado soup
  7. Chicken avocado soup
  8. Apple avocado raw vegan soup
  9. Gazpacho avocado California soup
  10. Ultrafast avocado shrimp soup
  11. Avocado crab soup
  12. Spicy corn and avocado soup
  13. Avocado and zucchini soup
  14. Cucumber avocado soup
  15. Creamy cucumber avocado soup
  16. Chicken lime avocado soup
  17. Creamy Colombia Vegan avocado soup
  18. Coconut carrot avocado soup

Now, let us instruct you a little description of each mouthwatering recipe so then, you can decide which one would be preferable as your best appetizer avocado preparation, let’s take a close look on them-

1. Chicken avocado soup

If you are a chicken lover then it is the best pick for you which contain tasty ingredients like chicken, cilantro, scallion, etc. along with the healthy component like avocado extract, lime, vegetable broth, etc. This soup doesn’t require more time than 15-20 minutes and thus easily suitable for our hectic morning schedule. This scrumptious soup is compatible with any weighty companion dish like rice or bread, as well as crunchy tortillas. This one-bowl contains almost 15 grams of carbohydrate, 8 grams of fiber and 22 grams of healthy lean protein which benefit our health immensely along with our appetite. Let’ find the recipe on the below link-

Avocado Soups


2. Chilled avocado walnut soup

If you are a dried-fruit lover then try out this tasty cold beverage which is a perfect combination of taste & health in one bowl. The delightful ingredients like buttermilk, coconut water, lime juice, avocado pulp, etc. increase the scrumptiousness of this dish, while the other parts like cilantro extract, lime juice, chopped-walnut enhance the exclusivity of this chilled item brilliantly. So, if you have not decided any recipe for your guest yet, try this out and treat your them heavenly with this best buttery appetizer ever.  Let’s find out the recipe details in the provided below link-

Avocado Soups


3. Cauliflower kale avocado soup

Cauliflower, kale, and avocado all three main ingredients are rich in plenty of good nutrients along with individual taste, but the exclusiveness of their flavor compliment each other when they combine in such a creamy in this soup. Collared green vegetables are extremely advantageous for all of us as we all know, and this soup literally offers us to get the goodness of that excellence through this virtuous appetizer. It is low in calorie, high in good nutrients and enriched with ample of scrumptious flavors which tempt us outstandingly towards every sip of it. Let’s check the easy recipe below on the mentioned-link-


4. Cold peas mint avocado soup

We make plenty of dishes using peas, but did you know that taste of this green pod vegetable could blend in the soup swiftly as well? If you haven’t tried any soup of it, then, try it with a few slices of avocado and see how delightfully soup can glee your mood with its subtly sweet taste. You can use different types of spices on it along with other companion ingredients to play with the taste of your peas-avocado soup according to your taste. Here we are recommending you a recipe with buttermilk and black pepper to pageant sweet yet mild spicy flavor in your soup; let’s check out the precise recipe below-

Avocado Soups

cold peas mint avocado soup recipe

5. Chilled avocado soup saveur

If, you are looking for a tasty chilled soup for your summer days then, try out this super tasty chilled avocado soup with a few slices of raw avocado on the top and chill your mood with the healthiness of this simple appetizer. The silky texture of such chilled avocado soup makes this one highly regarded among young food-lovers. You can play a little with the preferable flavor with some sprinkles of kosher salt, black pepper, and lime juice, depending on your taste. You can use reddish, basil, toasted bread, etc. to garnish your soup more deliciously along with a few ice cubes. Some people like to add a mild amount of tomatoes, olive oil and other compatible fruits inside it, however, we prefer to keep it simple as the below-mentioned recipe of this soup, take a look-

chilled avocado soup saveur

6. Mexican avocado soup

Mexican cuisine is famous for enchanting flavor and scrumptious texture which is no exception in this avocado recipe as well if, you want to make salsa of different flavor in one soup try this spicy yet heavily vigorous Mexican avocado soup in your appetizer menu. Garlic, onion, cilantro, jalapeno, parsley, celery, carrot, etc. all materials show their individuality in every spoon of it and remind you the detecting flavor of a Mexican recipe with the detecting spices. Although this recipe goes through a few more steps than a normal avocado recipe, yet the mouthwatering flavor of this recipe totally worth for its healthiness as well as unique taste. Let’s check the recipe on the below-mentioned link apparently-

Avocado Soups

Mexican Please

7. Chicken avocado soup

If you want to make a complete appetizer in soup form then, this chicken avocado soup is the best recipe for you, as it could singlehandedly instigate your hunger with its soupy texture, while treats your hunger with thick and pulpy consistency. That’s why we call a ‘clean-plate avocado soup’ of all time, which not only packed with detecting flavors but also contains high health benefits in its every single drop. You need lots of avocadi to make this soup properly, along with 2 check breasts so gather your supplies quickly and follow the proper instruction to have something new for today’s lunch table.

Avocado Soups

A clean plate chicken avocado soup

8.  Apple avocado raw vegan soup

If, you think that avocado only tastes detecting with meat or non-veg item then, try out this super savory apple avocado raw soup and treat your vegan love more intensely. The best part making this avocado soup is that it claims less time than any other scrumptious avocado soup as you don’t need to cook anything in this dish. All you need to do is, just bring your blender, gather your supplies and start making this sweet, peppery, raw avocado soup for your breakfast meal now. Check the full recipe of this fruit-based soup on the below link-

Avocado Soups


9. Gazpacho avocado California soup

Gazpacho is one kind of chilled soup that is mostly made of tomatoes and some other colorful vegetables, so, it is superfluous to say this pattern amalgamate magnificently with avocado extract. You can use any colorful veggies like bell peppers, green onion, cucumber, and even some healthy canned items as well. It is another simplest avocado soup which serves in raw form and thus, requires fewer periods to be made. Try to garnish your soup with some fresh avocado chunks and a few cucumber slices to make the appearance a little classy. Check the making process by clicking on the below-mentioned link-

Gazpacho avocado soup recipe

10. Ultrafast avocado shrimp soup

Here is another delicious avocado soup recipe that instigates your shrimp love along with its mild yet juicy flavor. It is actually a chilled recipe of avocado and thus, brilliantly fits in your summer schedule. The best part of making this avocado soup is it takes the shortest time to be prepared about 10-12 minutes and delight your tongue spectacularly with its creamy texture. The fastest making procedure makes this recipe popular in the name of ‘ultra-fast soup’ while the typical combination of avocado pulp and milk provide this one that smooth appearance along with a creamy taste. Let’s check the full recipe on below link-

Avocado Soups

ultra fast avocado soup

11. Avocado crab soup

Initiate your topical non-veg cuisine love with this tangy avocado soup which will fulfill your appetite with an unforgettable bowl of soup. Crab salad is a very common as well as one of the favorite recipes with this crustacean creature, and thus spoonful of such salad could escalate the taste of your crab avocado soup more delightfully if, you can use them on garnishing stage along with the blending procedure. The veg ingredients like celery, chervil, lemon juice, etc. fulfill the nutrients required in our body while the tasty crab and creamy avocado texture treat out tongue in most mouth-watering manner. Let’ find out the recipe below-


12. Spicy corn and avocado soup

If, you are a grain lover then, it’s time to pick up this spicy corn avocado soup as your best appetizer option to treat your mouth with the goodness of grain food along with the pulpy texture of avocado. Jalapeno and avocado make a wonderful combination with other tangy items like green onion, olive oil, chives, along with corn kernels, which quench our hunger in a crunchy yet spicy way. You can make this preparation with or without chicken broth, depending on your vegan quality, but in both cases, this creamy soup tastes absolutely mouth-smacking. Let’s find out the precise recipe in this image below-

Avocado Soups

heatherchristo avocado soup

13. Avocado and zucchini soup

This is another wonderful avocado vegan soup for vegetable lovers which provides us the creamy, pulpy, spicy, tangy flavor; along with the healthy fats of this one-seeded fruit. Zucchini avocado soup is one more dish from the chilled category and thus you can easily fit it in your scorching summer schedule. Try to serve with a spoonful of raw zucchini salsa on the top to increase the flavor of zucchini in your avocado soup mildly. Let’s find out the complete recipe on the blow link-

Avocado Soups

Avocado n zucchini soup recipe

14. Cucumber avocado soup

Thai dishes are famous for their highly aromatic quality along with spicy edges, and these excellences make us fall for this cold that avocado soup too. This supremely tangy and chilled-soup recipe not only quenches your appetite but also could chill your mood with its high spicy flavor. As cucumber and avocado both are extremely pulpy fruits thus, you don’t need any extra broth to add in this type of simple soups. Let’s try it out in this coming summer with a spoonful of cucumber salsa, and check the making procedure on the below link clearly-

Avocado Soups

Cold thai cucumber avocado soup recipe

15. Creamy cucumber avocado soup

shewell creamy avocado soup

16. Chicken lime avocado soup

We have already mentioned a lot about the scrumptiousness of avocado soup when it merges with chicken a small amount of fresh lime juice, so, let’s not waste any more time here and check out this completely different recipe with the similar ingredients in this image below-

chicken avocado lime soup cooking classy

17. Creamy Colombia Vegan avocado soup

If, you love to play the taste of this pulpy fruits with the cuisine pattern of different countries then, try this creamy Colombian vegan avocado soup and flame up your vegetable love for one more time. This type of simple vegan soup contains a subtle taste, which is much differ than a spicy cuisine pattern, however, the using amount of lime and lemon juice in this soup could make the tanginess of this avocado soup swing depending on the using amount. Let’s check out the simple recipe on the below link-

Avocado Soups

creamy coloumbian avocado soup recipe

18. Coconut carrot avocado soup

Coconut carries a crunchy quality; carrot provides a mild sweetness, while avocado caters creamy as well as pulpy flavor to a food and they taste heavenly delicious when coming jointly. Thus, it is superfluous to say that this tropical recipe not only enhances your hunger vigorously but also increases the taste of each item admirably. In addition, the tangy spices like ginger, garlic, green chili, etc. increase the piquant quality and make this appetizer absolutely perfect with adequate nutrient value. Let’s find out the full recipe below-

Avocado Soups

carrot avocado soup recipe

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